"Tramps" (2016)

Rating: NR
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Directed By: Adam Leon
Written By: Adam Leon
Released: September 10th, 2016
Runtime: 82 minutes
Studio: Netflix

A heist, a stolen briefcase and a case of mistaken identity in New York bring together two aspiring criminals and offer the possibility of romance.

This is an enjoyable light romantic comedy. A bit unconventional from the norm but that’s part of its charm. Being more character-orientated than plot-heavy, it’s easy to fall for the charisma of the two leads.

The film is about a heist but shies away from any huge chases or violence that would normally carry a film depicting such subject matter which was refreshing. The lead characters are endearing both individually and together. We are rooting for them the whole way.

It’s possibly one that might not stick around in your mind much after viewing, but that doesn’t make it any less worth doing so.