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"Lucy" (2014)

I went to see this last night so I figured it’s as good as any to be my first post here!
Brilliant film. Brilliant. (Well, I thought so!) The plot was mindboggling. I do you even come up with something like that? The detail, the research, the imagination – it was amazing. The film is written, directed and edited all by Luc Besson and I think he does a fantastic job.
The film follows a girl named Lucy, who gets caught up in a drug trafficking extravaganza. The opening of the movie is extremely tense. We’re thrown into it without much explanation. After being tricked by her boyfriend, Lucy has been forced into delivering a suitcase (of what, she doesn’t know) to a bunch of Korean mobsters who are staying in a hotel in Taiwan. She’s the innocent victim of course, not having done anything like this in her life. She’s scared to death, not being able to understand Korean (understandably) which just adds bucket loads to the tension for the audience. There were moments of this sce…