"The Lifeguard" (2013)

Rating: R:15
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Directed By: Liz W. Garcia
Written By: Liz W. Garcia
Released: August 30th, 2013 
Runtime: 97 minutes
Studio: Screen Media Films

A reporter (Kristen Bell) quits her job, returns to her old lifeguard duties, and has an affair with a teenager.

The issue I take with this film is its enormous lacking in any real drama. Things happen…eventually. But even when they do, it’s nothing too grabbing. At least the way its portrayed.

There were so many long-movie montages. What I am assuming to be emotional time-lapses. These are fine in minimum but when the most of the narrative starts to rely on them to tell the story you have to start questioning the whys and hows. Also the soundtrack used in these moments was unnecessarily dreary and if your mind begins to wander, don’t be surprised.

The lead character is flawed and perhaps the film’s only saving grace is how relatable she managed to be amidst the long-windedness of the overall plot. The other characters on their own are not anything to get excited over and even together, often not terribly engaging.

It’s movies like this that make me question Netflix. There are so many movies on there that you only watch because they’re on Netflix and would otherwise have no inclination to watch. This is one of those that could have done without viewing I think…