"Liebe Mich!" / "Love Me!" (2014)

Rating: NR
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Maris Pfeiffer
Runtime: 80 minutes

Crass and impulsive, a brash young woman harbours a secret desire for love but cannot prevent herself from pushing the limits of her relationships.

This came up on my suggestions in Netflix, so I threw it on, not putting much thought into the decision making. I feel quite neutral. It’s nothing to get excited about, but it’s not all bad either.
The main character is a bit complex; annoying, demanding, impulsive, vulnerable. As lead she’s both interesting in terms of character development, but generally unlikable. A bit hapless. One of those characters who means well but ends up making her own messes worse for herself. Some moments I cringed for her. She comes across as quite immature in many ways. She’s still young and starting out in life. The mental battle between persisting with what you want to do with your life, over the need to earn money comes into play. Perhaps that’s something to relate to in this film. It’s a small theme but evident for the character.

As for the other characters around her…They seem to get caught up in her drama. On one hand the father seems harsh and somewhat neglectful at moments and then other times he’s shown to be very caring and looking out for her best interests, even if she misunderstands this at the time. She clashes quite a bit with her father, they have a tough but loving relationship. As for the love-interest, well, I almost felt sorry for him at times as he must have been wondering what walked into his life when she asked him to fix her laptop. He’s a bit hapless and tries to easily please her. At times he comes across as a bit of a pushover perhaps but then he comes out with things that make you realise he’s no fool and evidently able to look after himself and knows what’s what. Perhaps this is why both characters fit together. Each character has something the other doesn’t but wants.

I somehow keep stumbling upon films lately that require subtitles. As you can tell by the name, this so happens to be another one of those films. 

The structure. There was no huge drama in there and no huge story arc or anything. As films go, it was probably one of the more boring ones but a small part of it was endearing just the same.