"Evan Almighty" (2007)

Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: Tom Shadyac
Written By: Joel Coen, Alec Sokolow, Steve Oedekerk, Bobby Florsheim, Josh Stolberg
Released: Aug 3rd, 2007
Runtime: 96 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures

Newscaster Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) leaves Buffalo behind when he wins a seat in Congress. Moving his wife (Lauren Graham) and family to northern Virginia, he seems to have it made, then God (Morgan Freeman) throws a crisis of biblical proportions at his feet: The Lord wants him to build an ark and line up all the animals two-by-two in preparation for a flood.

This came on the TV fairly recently and I ended up watching it sort of by accident. I haven’t seen the original, Jim Carey’s “Bruce Almighty” but I must. I’ve heard it’s better than this. I didn’t think this was too bad. I stayed watching it, I didn’t flick the channel so…That’s a good sign.

There were a few mediocre jokes thrown in there. The best of them for me was the moment Evan sees what is playing at the cinema – “The 40 Year Old Virgin Mary”. Very clever. Overall, the writing is not bad, but not the greatest you will ever sit down to.

That being said, it’s got a nice message – A.R.K. = one Act of Random Kindness. And hey, Morgan Freeman is always enjoyable to watch in a movie. And Steve Carroll is good for laughs as well. What have you got to lose, really? It’s something for the family.