"Life With Mikey" (1993)

Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: James Lapine
Written By: Marc Lawrence
In Theatres: June 4th, 1993
Runtime: 95 minutes
Studio: Buena Vista

The former child star (Michael J. Fox) of a TV show meets a cute little waif (Christina Vidal) who changes his talent agency and his life.

I feel like this movie gets a lot of unnecessary stink. It’s rated quite low across the internet, there doesn’t seem to be much time for it at all. I didn’t think it deserves quite that much bad press though. There are a lot worse out there that we hear far more about which seems a bit upside down to me. Oh well.

Maybe I’m one of a small population, but I enjoyed this film. It’s light-hearted with a great leading man in Michael J Fox, and Christina Vidal’s character, Angie is smart, sassy and entertaining too. I actually found them amusing when they were on screen together. Plus the story as a whole is decent, predictable, yes, but so are a lot of movies. Contrary to more popular belief, I think it ought to be higher on Michael J Fox’s filmography list than it is - even if he himself doesn't seem to give it very much credit.

There are some of the kids’ auditions that take place both at the beginning of the film and further on as the story progresses, and I did feel like they went on just a little too long each time. They could have cut them down or one or two auditions just to keep the story moving – we got the idea - but other than that I had nothing else to say against the film. It’s a nice family film.