"Rango" (2011)

Rating: PG
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids & Family
Directed By: Gore Verbinski
Written By: John Logan
Released: Mar 4, 2011 
Runtime: 107 minutes
Studio: Paramount Pictures

A lizard (Johnny Depp) who has lived as a sheltered family pet finds himself in the grip of an identity crisis. Rango wonders how to stand out when it is his nature to blend in. When he accidentally winds up in a frontier town called Dirt, he takes the first step on a transformational journey as the town's new sheriff. Though at first Rango only role-plays, a series of thrilling situations and outrageous encounters force him to become a real hero.

I enjoyed the format of this film. We’ve got these sombrero-wearing lizards on the side-lines taking us through the course of Rango’s heroic tale. The ominous and constant foreshadowing of his “untimely death” ironically give the film a funny and energetic feel. 

The humour is great. There’s something in there for both children and adults. With a western setting there’s plenty scope for mischievous anarchy. Some very amusing if not weird moments that may raise a few eyebrows. It’s all part of the fun. And all the characters are quirky and fun to tag along with for the ride as well. The energy offered from the opening carries through right to the end. It’s quick paced and holds your attention. Very smart, this would certainly be one of the better animated films out there.

The film boasts a great voicing cast as well from Johnny Depp as our hapless young hero, to Isla Fisher, to Abigail Breslin, to Bill Nighy.

With a little something for everyone, this is a very enjoyable animated comedy.