"Edward Scissorhands" (1990)

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance
Directed By: Tim Burton
Written By: Caroline Thompson, Tim Burton
In Theatres: Dec 7th, 1990
Runtime: 100 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox

A scientist (Vincent Price) builds an animated human being -- the gentle Edward (Johnny Depp). The scientist dies before he can finish assembling Edward, though, leaving the young man with a freakish appearance accentuated by the scissor blades he has instead of hands. Loving suburban saleswoman Peg (Dianne Wiest) discovers Edward and takes him home, where he falls for Peg's teen daughter, Kim (Winona Ryder). However, despite his kindness and artistic talent, Edward's hands make him an outcast.

I really like this film. It’s incredibly sweet and as Tim Burton films are, very quirky and imaginative.

Edward Scissorhands as a character, is a dote. Not being accustomed to being around other people, his innocence is quite cute as he’s taken under the loving wing of Peg. Johnny Depp is a master at turning himself into any character he plays to the point of being unrecognisable. It’s remarkable just how different he looks in every one of his movies. It’s something I like about his film career. A truly fantastic actor. Apparently, Gary Oldman, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, and Robert Downey Jr. were all considered for the role of Edward. Michael Jackson was rumoured to be in the running as well. – Could have had a very different film on our hands!! 

A young Winona Ryder plays the love interest of Edward, Kim. They are so sweet both apart and together. She was originally intended to be in The Godfather: Part III, but dropped out of the project to be in this film instead. Drew Barrymore was also considered for the role. 

Anthony Michael Hall also made an appearance as the role of Jim. I find it strange to see him playing a meaner character, I have to say, but play it he did and with success. 

One of the most memorable scene (for me) was the waterbed scene, in which Edward has just arrived at Peg’s house and ends up popping the waterbed in Kim's bedroom with his scissor-hands, causing a bit of kerfuffle. The poor thing got an awful fright. However this scene was actually improvised and one of the only scenes not originally in the script. – Funny how things work out. 

What I loved most about this film was the production design. The town’s houses were so cin the neighbourhood are so colourful. They are actually part of a real community in Florida, completely unchanged except for their exterior paint. The pastel palette used was intended to look like a "faded circus." Even all the costumes were so colourful and bright, and hairstyles were something to behold…(!) I really hope the production design team had a lot of fun making it, because it’s certainly very striking and unique. It’s what I remember most about the film. 

This feel-good modern-Frankenstein fairly-tale is a must see. Certainly there is nothing else like it out there – a truly unique movie.