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Thanks for stumbling onto my blog! My name is Lorelle Shorten. I'm a writer and video editor from Ireland. Author of children's kindle ebook, "Bubbles and Razi's Days of Fun".

I created The Reel Life of Real Life, because I absolutely love films! I love watching them and I love knowing the process and stories behind the making of them. So I figured I'd share my thoughts, musings, discoveries on this blog, and hopefully discover other people who love films just as much!

I hope you enjoy my posts and find a few of them interesting! If there is a particular film that springs to mind that you recommend please don't hesitate in commenting below! Or if you'd rather not comment, feel free to get in contact with me through:


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Thanks for clicking into my blog! Have fun :)

(: Just a little side note:  This is a personal blog and the views and opinions expressed here represent my own, and my own alone. They are, I hasten to add, subject to change in the maybe not-so-distant future, and as such may not always be the same or similar to those I have today. :)

I hope you enjoy!