"Scott Pilgrim vs The World" (2010)

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Directed By: Edgar Wright
Written By: Michael Bacall, Edgar Wright
Released: August 13th, 2010
Runtime: 113 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures

As bass guitarist for a garage-rock band, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) has never had trouble getting a girlfriend; usually, the problem is getting rid of them. But when Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) skates into his heart, he finds she has the most troublesome baggage of all: an army of ex-boyfriends who will stop at nothing to eliminate him from her list of suitors.

This film is great. It’s easy-going, fun, silly – all the ingredients for a great time at the cinema. (Or as the case may be, a great night in at home!)

Michael Cera plays the easily-likable Scott Prilgrim. As with many of Michael Cera’s characters, he’s a bit socially awkward but endearing just the same. An unlikely hero it might seem but proves to be a gallant one nonetheless.

Scott must fight off new girl, Ramona Flowers’ 7 evil exes in a series of hilarious slapstick fights. The whole film is set up like a video game, giving it a very unique quality from the get-go. It’s very cool. The film is funny from start to finish and never takes itself seriously.

The whole film is fast-paced and an utterly enjoyable. Never a dull moment with fantastic visuals right the way through. Edgar Wright has brought the world a very inventive and creative film that I’m sure was a lot of fun to make. The editing above all else for me was marveling.

A definite should-see.