"Natural Selection" (2016)

Rating: NR
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Chad L. Scheifele
Written By: Chad L. Scheifele
Released: August 26th, 2016
Runtime: 120 minutes
Studio: ITN Distribution

While attending a new high school, a teen's (Mason Dye) budding friendship with a fellow student (Ryan Munzert) leads to harsh consequences.

I found this incredibly difficult to get into. It all felt very long-winded, very drawn out. I think I went into this with different expectations. I imagined it being lighter than it was. It was all very, very heavy and glum and somewhat dreary. It definitely didn’t need to be the length that it is either. 

I think it started off alright for the first five or 10 minutes and then it descended and never really returned. A lot of it felt quite forced. It’s as if it wants you as an audience to arrive at this great moral epiphany after watching it, it’s angling towards this want-to-be-thought-provoking. The whole setting is just very morose. Too much so to allow you to have a think about it because it’s so heavy it’s weighing you down watching it.

The characters didn’t feel as relatable as they could have felt for some reason. The main character is quite boring. Most of the characters are actually.

I thought this might be better.