"Waitress" (2007)

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directed By: Adrienne Shelly
Written By: Adrienne Shelly
In Theatres: Aug 10th, 2007
Runtime: 107 minutes
Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Jenna (Keri Russell) works in a diner in a small Southern town and is a genius at creating luscious desserts, but her marriage to an overbearing lout (Jeremy Sisto) makes happiness impossible. When she discovers she is pregnant, she makes plans to skip town before her condition is obvious. However, she begins an affair with the new town doctor (Nathan Fillion), who is the only one who knows her secret. 

This is a nice quirky little film. It’s cute and although fairly predictable fairly early on, enjoyable nonetheless. The characters, particularly our lead, Jenna, are really sweet and homely. It reminds me a lot of “Doc Hollywood” …the small country town where everybody seems to know everything about everyone kind of setting – as well as the strong southern accent I guess! 

While I said it was fairly predictable, it’s at the same time not your average more boisterous rom-com, there’s a placid low-key tenderness about it that makes it very touching to watch. It’s quite smart as well as witty, and if not also bittersweet. There are some more serious scenes, more to do with Jenna’s situation being in an abusive relationship with her partner. However, it is nice to watch her character development as she (clichédly put) finds herself and becomes her own self-assured person.

I think quite honestly, it would be hard not to like this film – only the hard-hearted would have something to say against it. I recommend for sure.