"Meet The Fockers" (2004)

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Jay Roach
Written By: Jim Herzfeld, John Hamburg
In Theatres: Jan 28, 2005
Runtime: 118 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures

Now that Greg Focker is "in" with his soon-to-be in-laws, Jack and Dina Byrnes, it looks like smooth sailing for him and his fiancée, Pam. But that's before Pam's parents meet Greg's parents, the Fockers. The hyper-relaxed Fockers and the tightly-wound Byrneses are woefully mismatched from the start, and no matter how hard Greg and Pam try, there is just no bringing their families together. This all adds up to a disastrously funny time of getting to know you.

This is actually a very funny film. It was on the TV recently and I realised I’d never sat down properly to watch any of these films before. So, when my dad was enjoying it so much, I got into it as well and we laughed out loud on many occasions. 

The title of the film says it all, doesn’t it? You know you’re in for something silly and funny that will make you smile. And often that’s all you really want from a film!

The whole cast is a barrel of laughs with excellent performances all round. They get themselves into some very hairy and sometimes eccentric situations but, while it can often be on the crude side, it’s all in good fun and light hearted.

Ben Stiller is not my favourite actor in the world, truth be told but I found him tolerable in this film. Even funny! Robert DeNiro is great! He can be a very funny guy. A talented actor. Dustin Hoffman is very funny as well. The pair of them when they get together were my favourite parts of the film. I love the banter. There’s one scene where they prepare to box each other towards the final third of the film and I laughed out loud. Barbara Streisand brings lots of laughs and energy as well. The whole dynamic between the two families is eccentric – It’s all great fun!

I recommend this film.