"Crazy, Stupid Love" (2011)

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directed By: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Written By: Dan Fogelman
In Theatres: July 29th, 2011
Runtime: 118 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is living the American dream. He has a good job, a beautiful house, great children and a beautiful wife, named Emily (Julianne Moore). Cal's seemingly perfect life unravels, however, when he learns that Emily has been unfaithful and wants a divorce. Over 40 and suddenly single, Cal is adrift in the fickle world of dating. Enter, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), a self-styled player who takes Cal under his wing and teaches him how to be a hit with the ladies.


This is a smashing rom-com. One of the better ones by a mile. With a genuinely witty and clever script, a fantastic cast, and twist ending that pays off in dividends – you are in for a very enjoyable watch.

Emma Stone is fab as usual. Not one of my favourite of her characters I have to say, but it’s impossible for her to disappoint. The Dirty Dancing scene – arguably one of the most memorable moments as her character attempts to do the infamous lift with Ryan Gosling’s character. 

Same goes for Julianne Moore. A wonderful actress who excels in any role she dabs her hand at.

Steve Carroll plays insecure like no actor I have seen in movies – well…maybe except Hugh Grant, but who’s comparing? The scenes with him and Ryan Gosling are quite priceless – particularly the scenes in the shopping centre as his character is treated to a new wardrobe. Laughs are a certainty.
However, on that note, for me it was Ryan Gosling that completely stole the show. I love his character, he’s priceless. Genuinely funny as he takes Steve Carroll under his wing and shows him the error of his ways by turning him into a shining new ladies’ man.

As one of the best better romantic comedy movies I’ve seen, this is not to be missed.